Join our weekly Bible Studies via teleconference call (605) 475 – 6150 Access Code 6402636 or via Facebook Live on the  "Why Not Me Why Not Now Facebook Page". Participants discuss life principles gleaned from the Word for guidance towards prosperous, purposeful living.

Principles from recent study of Romans:
#1   Live like a son, not a slave
#2   God has already planned our lives; it’s our job to stick to it
#3 God wastes nothing. He uses our negative experiences and reinvests them in our future.
#4  Salvation is not an entitlement; it’s a favor.
#5  God’s love provides security, stability and productivity.
#6You can have a zeal for good but not a zeal for God.
#7   True worship is a presentation of your entire being-body, mind and spirit as a living sacrifice
Feel free to ask questions, make comments, or just listen.